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Infinite City - Indonesian New Capital Masterplan
Eastern Kalimantan, Indonesia


02_Infinite City CBD.jpg

Infinite City Equality Park and City CBD View

City Master Plan
11_Infinite City Masterplan.jpg

Concept “Infinite City” from Natural System

Our proposal has the primary concept and driving logic of looking to nature for systemic design approaches as nature will always use resources the most efficiently. It is through our understanding and re appropriation of natural systems that we can make the Smart City of the Future. Smart systems create smart cities, only through the development and implementation of this intelligent system at the beginning can we truly achieve the city of the future. Indonesia has an incredible opportunity here in the timing of the development of this city, the technology is currently ready for deployment in a well-designed metropolitan area geared towards the use of these technologies, however, if not done properly the project will not be able to succeed, it takes more than talking about the autonomous networks of the future, the AI and robotic fabrication, it is essential that they be fully understood by the design team and not simply dropped as a compelling catch phrase.

A New system of urban planning

While our proposal appeared quite radical in its execution, it was through a rigorous set of research and development that we came to our solutions. Rather than utilizing outdated and proven inefficient models of organization for the city (a top-down gridded system) we began by looking at some of the largest issues of Jakarta as a means of defining our design response. Focusing on transit initially, we found that the government loses billions of dollars annually to traffic, therefore we took the response of designing the first truly intelligent transit system at an urban scale. Through close examination and understanding of the methods that public transit, autonomous vehicles and sustainable elements can be integrated, we found that a branching system, inspired by the efficiency of natures, veins, roots and rivers, was ideal for moving people and goods most quickly through our city design. We eliminated the gridded system as it is just to antiquated and outdated a method to continue to use within design, looking at a map and drawing a grid over it is not able to adapt to the local conditions of topography, water, trees and nature.


Vision- Smart City and Future City Model

This design for the Indonesian Capital City will set a new standard for the global cities of the world. Driven by innovation, sustainability, unity and strength this design will create an environment for universal health and well-being, for the human citizens as well as the local ecology of plants and animals.


Architects                   : AntiStatics Architecture (Beijing+ New York)

Design Team               : Martin Miller, Mo Zheng, Luke Theodorius EDS, Yasser Hafizs, Christopher Beckett, Annie Liu

Project location         : Penajam Paser Utara (PPU), Eastern Kalimantan, Indonesia

Design Time                : 2019, November



08_Concept Diagram.jpg
Planning Concept and Symbolic Meaning
City Central Government Center
01_Infinite City Governmet Business Cent
04_Infinite City Train Station.jpg

The Infinite City carries 3 E concept, i.e. : Environment, Equality, and Elevated:

  • "Equality as one nation", by trying to treat all tribes and cultures in Indonesia fairly and equally, so that typologies and building styles do not take from one tribe and culture but rather respond more to the environment and apply local wisdom by using the stilt system.

  • "Elevated City network" is based on traditional Indonesian vernacular architecture build on stilt, this is used for many reasons, flooding, safety, protection of food stores, etc. We carry it forward in our proposal as a mean of preserving the green scape, animal pathway and freedom, a simple means of levelling structure in a topographical diverse region rather than digging expensive foundations, even more these stilts structure will reduce building footprints by over 95 percent.

  •  “Environment as the driver” which minimizes the negative impact on the existing ecosystem of animals and plants, with the site selection that does not disturb the preservation of protected forest which is a habitat for local endemic animals and plants in Penajam Paser Utara, respects the existence of local community settlements in the South delineation area and chose a safe location from rising sea water to ensure the sustainability and security of the National Capital in the future.


City Intelligent Traffic System

Infinite City Three Layers of Traffic System

10_Train System Diagram .jpg

Intelligent Traffic planning both planning network and three-dimensional

Relying on three major levels of transit there will be a primary network of high speed train lines, rapidly moving citizens between the major regions of the city, from there commuters will have access to an all-electric highly-intelligent network of autonomous vehicles bringing users to precise destinations within regions, lastly, will be a variety of small-scale mobility options for human-powered short-trip transit, including bike-share, e-scooters, pedestrian traffic, etc.

Elevated and Efficient city grid and architecture design

Using column pier structures for the architectural spaces establishes a simple yet adaptable grid upon which to construct various required buildings. Elevated structure preserves existing ecosystem by maintaining a much larger amount of existing soil, flora and fauna.


Driven by speed, efficiency, sustainability and scalability, the transportation network for the new city will be based on a hierarchical network of transit hubs and destinations with maximum travel times of 20 minutes.


09_Transportation System.jpg
03_Infinite City Reserach Center.jpg

Infinite City "Never Stop Train" Intelligent High-speed train network

Technology Research Center- "Mind"

Innovation, Ecosystem and Advancement

In response to the outdated and over-stressed existing urban conditions, the new Indonesian Capital City examines and redefines how a city can operate. Looking to biological systems of adaptation, evolution and multiplicity, The Infinite City will create a new paradigm for how the world can sustainably exist into the future.


The Infinite City is an innovative center for the collaborations between research and development, government and industry.

Branching system

Following the natural systems of how plants define the venation patterns and networks of connectivity for the distribution of nutrients, the city is organized through an efficient branching logic. This connectivity will be interfaced with a highly intelligent network working across platforms of transportation creating highly efficient and fast transportation through the city.


05_Infinite City Sustainable Residential
Sustainable Integrated Community - "Soul"

Infinite City Religious and Culture Wetland Park

06_Infinite City Religious Park.jpg

Construction with Nature 

The design of the new city leverages a biomimetic system of a kit of parts to create a light weight and cost efficient system of design which is capable of being built quickly with excellent control of details. Not wanting to create a city which is entirely unified and of the same language we will create a system which local and international architects and designers can work within, basically a simple and efficient structural system which accommodates the natural environment while allowing different spaces within the city to take on their own unique identities through the development of skins and partitioned spaces within each building. The design of the neighborhoods will revolve around clusters and nodes within the branching transit system, this will create areas of play for children, locally centralized and globally distributed parks for picnics and outdoor gathering and food sharing. The nodes will be stitched together via the local community and each unique identity of diverse relationships. Because of the branching logic, there is more space for the natural environment to thrive within the city. Our design allows nature to exist in its natural forms rather than trying to force plants into the city, this creates a natural environment flush with oxygen, healthy foods and happy people. Within the nodes there will be more manicured landscapes which will accommodate plays capes for the residents. Within the buildings will be high efficiency hydroponic gardens capable of locally producing the food needs of all local residents. Landscape will also be incorporated into the governmental areas, as both security and safety measures hiding ballasts and security walls beneath the well-designed greenery.


City Government Business Center - "Body"
07_Infinite City Equality Park and Monum
02_Infinite City CBD.jpg

Growth and Expansion

The Infinite City is Opportunity. Unlike other major global cities struggling with the problems of outdated infrastructure incapable of supporting the growing populations, The Infinite City is an opportunity to start a new path of future urban living, healthy communities, local production and intelligent high speed transportation.


This is again a question where our intelligent branching system is essential to the growth and development of the site, by using smart structure and adaptable infrastructure the need for large scale geo forming is eliminated, where large buildings with flat raft foundations require massive structure and levelling of the site, essentially eliminate any existing natural environment, our system works in a non interventionary manner placing simple piers and light weight architectures across the region. These pier and architectures act as a system which can be expanded and also contracted, removed easily and placed elsewhere as needed. Essentially the city behaves as an organism within the landscape which is able to adjust its response based on the many needs of the city and environment. Growth will be controlled by a strict oversite of the deployment of these systems through AI analysis and evaluation of various conditions. Rather than leaving development to financial interests and strictly economic forces, the new capital will consider other metrics to define development and growth such as efficiencies of output, energy usage and environmental impact to name a few.

Infinite City Movie
Competition Boards

This is a government international competition hosted for Indonesian New Capital Masterplan, our design is selected as Top Two Winners, among more than 700 entries. AntiSatics Architecture is currently in the phase two design for the New Capital Urban planning. For Publication and inquiries please contact us:

All copyright is reserved by AntiSatics and The Ministry of Public Works

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